Max-Kade houses in Germany and Austria

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"Sow the seeds of friendship where there has been enmity"

Max Kade (1882 - 1967)
Patron of German-American relationships
Founder of the Max Kade Foundation New York

Max Kade
Max Kade was born on October 13, 1882 in Steinbach / Schwäbisch Hall in Germany. In 1904 he emigrated to the USA. In New York he graduated in pharmacy and founded a pharmaceutical company that made him very wealthy.

Together with his wife Annette he created the Max Kade Foundation in 1944. Using the motto "in the service of mankind" the Foundation became involved in the democratic reconstruction of Germany after WW2 and especially facilitated the building of libraries, refectories and halls of residence for the academic youth. Max Kade died on July 15, 1967.

The present president of the Max Kade Foundation is Lya Friedrich Pfeifer J.D. The student halls built or renovated using financial support from the Max Kade Foundation were named after their founder.

With Max Kade in mind we would like to introduce our Internet site presenting the German and Austrian Max Kade houses so as to contribute towards German-American understanding.

We would like to invite American students to come and study or do an internship at one of these places. The Die Max Kade houses offer beneficial living conditions for a stay in Germany or Austria.

Get hold of some information regarding the Max Kade houses and get in touch! Get to know Europe, build bridges across the Atlantic!


Overview of locations of Max-Kade houses

Berlin Berlin (DSW) Darmstadt Dresden Frankfurt a.M. Freiberg Freiburg Göttingen Greifswald Halle Heidelberg Innsbruck Jena Kassel Kiel Leipzig Marburg München Nürnberg Potsdam Rostock Stuttgart Tübingen Weimar Wiesbaden

BerlinBerlin (DSW)Darmstadt
DresdenFrankfurt a.M.Freiberg

In gratitude to the Max Kade Foundation for for their generous help in the renovation of the Max Kade house in Dresden and their support as regards other projects, the Studentenwerk Dresden, together with the other organisation responsible for the other Max Kade houses, present this website.

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